Christine Riccio has had some bookshelves in her YouTube career.

The White Bookshelf

The White Bookshelf was Christine's first bookshelf. Its first appearance was in the video "THE TITAN'S CURSE BY RICK RIORDAN: booktalk with XTINEMAY", uploaded on November 25th 2012. It was located inside of Christine's closet in her mother's house in New Jersey. It is unknown whether the bookshelf is still there or not.

It also appeared in "THE BOOKSHELF TOUR | XTINEMAY" and "BOOKSHELF TOUR 2 | A Speedy Less Detailed Sequel".

The Iron Bookshelf

The Iron Bookshelf is the bookshelf Christine got when she moved to Los Angeles. It is very tall and the books are usually organized by colour. It's usually in front of it that Christine films her book videos. It appeared in "THE RAINBOW BOOKSHELF TOUR".

The Contemporary Bookshelf

The Contemporary Bookshelf is the bookshelf Christine started storing all of her contemporary's on after the Iron Bookshelf started getting too full.

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